1 Year Down… Forever to Go

My husband and I are coming up on one year of marriage.


I am here to tell you that it flies by! But it has been a great year.

My husband and I were together three and half years before we got married.

We met and I instantly knew this man would change my life forever. Even still he’s continuing to change my world.

I love my husband and I love looking back at this first year together.

There are so many joys and even challenges that come with being married. Here are some of the things we learned:


  • Communication. They tell you “never go to bed mad’- I think this is a myth. There are times when you don’t agree or you’re upset and it’s best to “sleep on it”. Take time to pray for understanding and let your mind be at rest. Sometimes you say hurtful things in the moment, so it is best to get out of that moment and work through your feelings and emotions before continuing the conversation.


  • Listen. When you vow to love someone forever you cannot just be present you have to truly listen. Listen to their needs, wants, desires, and dreams. You promised to love them and honor them, this includes honoring what’s on their mind and heart. Truly take time to listen without distractions.


  • Have fun. You cannot take life too seriously. Choose to be joyful and silly with one another. Your spouse is your person! You should have fun together. Spend time to be together without distractions. Put the phone down and be with one another.



  • Go on adventures. Do things you wouldn’t normally do. Enjoy doing things together that are firsts for the both of you. Take a weekend away from work and the stress of life. My husband and I continue to grow when we have the opportunities to go away for a while.



  • Challenge one another. My husband challenges me to be better everyday. Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome a fear. There are several things that terrify me. The top two are heights and bugs. When we were on our honeymoon in Ireland we were on the Cliffs of Moher, it was amazing, stunning, we were totally awe struck. My husband has few fears…living on the edge isn’t one of them. I stood back and took photos of him on the edge of the cliffs. After much persuasion, He helped me over the safety wall and onto the edge of the cliffs, I will never forget that moment. I will forever be thankful that I have a husband who challenges me and comforts me when I’m out of my element. 



  • Take care of one another. When you’re sick, when you’re  sad, when you are just feeling “blah” help to make each other feel needed, special, and loved. Little things help as a “pick me up”. One of my favorite things my Husband does is bring me a drink or coffee at work. I may have not heard from him since 7 that morning since we’ve both been busy at work, but it’s a little way to show that he’s thinking of me.


  • Pray for one another. Being a LEO (Law enforcement officer) wife, I do a lot of praying for my husband. I pray for his safety, happiness, and strength to get through the day and come home to me. In any marriage, it’s important to pray for one another. It just makes sense, speak to the Lord about your husband, he’s the creator who crafted your relationship.


Photo by: Joshua Ratliff


They tell you the first year of marriage is the hardest…ours was not!

Sometimes we take too much on, sometimes we feel spread thin, sometimes I feel like I haven’t truly spent time with him, but I know that when things slow down, and when get to have time together, it’s irreplaceable and I cherish every second.

Being a wife is something I always knew I wanted to be and from the time we had our first date, I knew I would marry him. I knew that the Lord made him for me and me for him.

He is my person.

We celebrate our one year anniversary on September 23rd.

Cheers to one year!




I have found the one whom my soul loves- Song of Solomon 3:4