Don’t Waste A Moment

Photographer | Allee J Photography

I love to plan.

Every year in the fall when it nears the holiday season I begin to search for the perfect hard bound leather agenda that will carry me through the approaching new year. Once it’s purchased I carefully go through its pages and add all the important dates and events that I already have planned! There is something about planning and getting my weeks in order that invigorates me and gets me excited.

This habit came in handy when I became an Event Coordinator and Planner. It bodes well for my clients and my productivity that I am highly organized and can multi task – fitting numerous meetings, events, and design sessions into a single day.

I love to plan.

However, this past week I was reminded that there are some things for which you can never plan.

A sweet friend of mine lost her husband unexpectedly to a sudden medical condition. They did not know anything was wrong until it was too late to save him. They were married late last October. That is 5 and a half months of marriage. I still to this moment cannot wrap my brain around this as I am sharing it with you.

After learning of this, I went on to coordinate a beautiful wedding on Saturday. With every mention of the word marriage, ALL I could think about was my friend and her heart. Watching this beautiful couple make their vows and lovingly look into each other’s eyes – I thought about how all she wanted was just one more look into his – just one more moment. I tell you this, not to make you sad or to feel heart broken. I share this with you to encourage you to LOVE fiercely and like you are in your last moments.

How many times have you been frustrated with your significant other and focused on that frustration too much. How many times have you focused on the negative rather than focusing on being grateful that you have a spouse and that you two are together?! We do not know our days, our moments, or our time here on Earth. Let us live like we are in our last moments – lovingly and with grace, intention and purpose.

Make the most of every day and do not take your relationships for granted. Have the hard conversations with your spouse. Ask the questions that make you nervous. Share everything. Love each other like crazy stupid school kids that make everyone around you nauseous. The reality is that life is short, and it is TOO short not to LIVE.

I challenge each one of you to focus on the positive this week, and to love a little harder. Do it for you. Do it for your husbands. Do it because you can.