A Guide from the Stain Removal Experts

Stains are inevitable. Whether it be makeup, red wine, ink, blood, or a coffee spill, it is bound to happen eventually.

We have had a few experiences of our own here at Eberley Brooks, and have learned things along the way on how to handle the situation.

The Magnolia Journal wrote the perfect guide to a stain removal and I think that it is important to make note of.



Create a paste. Add water, lemon juice, and salt. Mix together and then begin to rub a small amount of the paste on the stain. Wash as normal.



This is a BIG one. Especially on your wedding day. We see more makeup mishaps then anything else here at EBE.

For lipstick, begin to blot the stain with rubbing alcohol on the back of the stain, and then a dry paper towel on the front of the stain. This allows the rubbing alcohol and paper towels to absorb the lipstick. Then once that is absorbed, use a small amount of dishwashing detergent, massaging the lipstick until it is removed. Proceed to rinse with water as needed.


Ready for a story? 

Once upon a time on a beautiful April day, two lovebirds were about to tie the knot. & then a stain disaster struck.

Eyelash adhesive glue had EXPLODED over one of the bridesmaids, baby pink dress.

It. Was. Ruined.

However, with the work of our amazing staff and helpful videographers, the disaster shortly turned into a relief.

By the grace of God, the videographer had the EXACT same dress in the EXACT same size that was needed… just a different color.

Here’s the game plan:

Put the Maid of Honor in the different color dress, and then put the other bridesmaid in the MOH’s dress.

No one ever knew… and it was beautiful.


To Be Noted: 

Catch the stain ASAP. The sooner you are able to doctor it up, the better it will be.

Don’t dry the material until the stain is gone. The heat can set the stain permanently.

A toothbrush is your best friend when it comes to stain removal. Keep one handy!


Ladies and Gents, be as careful as you possibly can on this special day.

If you are needing to do those last minute touch-ups, please please please put on a robe or a towel over your dress.

Our desire is to see all of you walking down the aisle without smudges on your attire.

But if it ever does happen, we will be here to help.


the stain experts at EBE