The Pond at Eberley Brooks is a true outdoor oasis in West Texas. A three-quarter acre pond with a fountain in the center creates a picturesque back drop for an outdoor wedding. You will enter The Pond through one on the four 12 feet wide sliding glass doors that open up to the patio from The Barn. 40 feet of the patio is covered by a timber frame pergola. The open part of the patio features a gas fire-pit and seating wall that create a warm conversation area for your guests. Two live oak trees create a canopy for the staging area of your outdoor event. Twenty-five other red oaks, cedar elms and pine trees offer a relaxing setting and comfortable ambiance.
An old fashioned windmill and wishing well create a picturesque scene for your event. At the back of The Pond, a pair of 100 year old mesquite gates will lead you into The Courtyard. The Barn’s height and location create ample shade for the entire outdoor seating area of an evening wedding. The decorating and photo opportunities abound at The Pond at Eberley Brooks.