An Unplugged Ceremony

The trend of an “unplugged ceremony” is on the rise of popularity and we totally understand why.


I’m sure the majority of us have seen those wedding photos where you’re trying to focus on the bride, but all you can see are phones up in the air.


Everyone nowadays is their own personal photographer… but keep in mind that the bride and groom have paid

A LOT of money for their photographer to capture all of their special moments…

Let them do their job.


Don’t be “that guy” whose phone rings in the middle of the ceremony or the one who is distracting Grandma from her granddaughter’s wedding day.


The ceremony is the intimate event that everyone came for.

I ask you to experience this special moment in person and not through your phone screen.


Be present. Be respectful.


If the bride and groom choose not to have an unplugged ceremony, still use this as a friendly reminder to be respectful of the other guest around you.

And if they do choose to have an unplugged ceremony, please respect their wishes.


Trust me, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to post to your Snapchat after the “I Do’s”


Go make a memory,

Love Hannah


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