…and sometimes you have pepper in your teeth



In High School I was in love with Nathan (my husband now!).  If you ask me if we were high school sweethearts, I will totally say, “yes”!  If you ask Nathan, he will probably tell you no.  He would say no, because we never dated in high school. BUT I believe that our love started then.  He just didn’t know it yet! Ha!

Nathan was president of student council his senior year, so I was a freshman rep for student council that year.  I did anything to be around him.  #mycrush

Not long after the school year started, we had a big student council meeting in Lubbock.  Shallowater was the district VP, and we were in charge of doing a few things at the meeting.  We all had to dress nicely and perform a skit for the other schools in the district.  I remember wearing my very favorite outfit, and tried whatever I could to work near Nathan.  I succeeded!  I was able to sit next to him at lunch that day.  I remember having SUCH a good time and laughing a lot.  I just knew Nathan was falling in love with me at Burger King during lunch on a school trip. (That’s where all great love stories start, by the way)

Until everything changed.

One of the girls sitting in the booth with us loudly exclaimed, “Kaitlin, you have a HUGE piece of pepper in your teeth.  You need to get it out.  I can’t look at anything else.”

Most of you reading this right now are probably thinking, “That’s not that big of a deal.  This blog has no point.”  But stick with me!

As a 14-year-old trying to woo the love of my life, it was horrible.  Devastating.  I actually remember crying in the bathroom trying to get the pepper out of my teeth.  All I could think was that Nathan would never love me.  Who gets pepper in their teeth???  That never happens. #somuchsadness #somuchdrama #ohthesorrow

And when I look back on this day, I always think about that stupid piece of pepper first.  I don’t think about the fun that was had, all the laughter, or getting to skip school.  (That’s why you’re in extracurriculars anyway, right?)

I go straight to the little detail that meant nothing.  Want to know how I know it meant nothing?

I told this story at dinner one night when Nathan and I were eating with some great friends.  I told them how embarrassed and devastated I was.  Then Nathan said, “I don’t remember that at all.  I remember how much you made us all laugh.  I thought you were funny.  And cute!”

LIFE MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy at that moment.

Then I realized something.  Why did I let that speck of pepper cloud the good times of that day?  That’s silly.

And that happens often in my job, at home, and with my relationships. We can have a very successful wedding, and all I can think about is the pepper-sized, super small detail that didn’t go correctly.  I miss all the good in the day!

Why do we do that to ourselves?  Surely, I can’t be the only one who does this?

I have challenged myself to change that this year.  And I challenge you to do the same.  Let’s look for and focus on the good in all things!

Forget about the pepper in your teeth and start counting those blessings and moments of pure joy.

Cubs win,