Dani Wilson + Josh Bloodworth

The Barn at Eberley Brooks | August 10, 2019



Dani and Josh were special from the very first day I met them. Our adventure began in the summer of 2017.  I had the pleasure of touring the two of them and their families on a Sunday afternoon. It was after a busy weekend of events and I was exhausted and not feeling the most bright and shiny version of myself. However, the minute they arrived, their infectious excitement caught me and off we went! We toured the Barn [the Chapel & Salle were not even in progress yet] and instantly I could tell it was the perfect place to fulfill all of Dani’s wedding day dreams. 

An important detail to note is that Dani & Josh were not yet engaged. They had been dating for three and a half years and knew that the next step was coming. Their schedules were so insanely busy that they decided, with their families support, to go ahead and secure the perfect venue and date that worked best for them. That way,  when the time was right, they wouldn’t have to worry about it being booked on their perfect date. A couple of months after they booked the date, Josh reached out to me wanting help with setting up the proposal! Of course I said yes and we made plans for him to propose to Dani on New Year’s Eve. Josh arrived early and hid inside in the foyer of the barn. Dani’s friend asked her to drive by the venue on their way to a girls night out dinner because she said she was dying to see the place where they would one day get married. Dani was apprehensive because she figured the venue would be locked up and closed, but she reluctantly agreed. The gate was unlocked and her friend drove straight up to the barn. She got out and started asking Dani questions about it and even wanted to go up and see if the door was unlocked so she could sneak a peek! Dani kept saying, “No! I don’t want to get in trouble!” It took a lot of convincing but her friend finally got Dani inside the front door where Josh was waiting down on one knee, amidst candles and roses. Dani was completely shocked. What a perfect moment!

Custom paper suite designed by Whitney Owen Designs.


Our first design meeting brought me back to feeling like a giddy blushing bride myself – Dani’s excitement, love and vision was simply infectious. She had absolutely been dreaming about the perfect day and came prepared with a very organized categorized vision book of exactly what she loved. Just making sure you read that and it “clicked”. Her vision book was categorized. I fell in love with her all over again!!! Dani selected soft blush, navy, and gold as her main colors. Whitney Owen did an impeccable job of translating all Dani’s ideas and desires into the perfect paper suite collection for her event. Your invites are the very first element of your event that your guests see, and we wanted Dani’s to be indicative of the amazing day that was to come! She really wanted to bring that “Wow Factor” to her event through her florals and all the details. We worked with Michelle Donner of Poppies & Peonies to create the most perfect elegant and grand florals for Dani and Josh. Dani and I wanted a floral ceiling through the center of the barn ceiling, a  statement piece at the front of the barn where they would wed, and statement florals throughout the reception. Michelle and her team worked hard all night long, and absolutely delivered. [ We had another event in the barn the night before so all set up could not start until the conclusion of that event! ]



The morning of August 10th it was all hands on deck at Eberley Brooks. Everyone helped with table scape set up, and ensuring that everything was in its proper place. Dani and Josh were both so excited and joyful all day long. Their energy and excitement was passed on to me and several of the other vendors too, making us all feel giddy. One of my favorite moments of the day happened in the afternoon when Alison Collins of Bake My Day came to deliver the wedding cake and groom’s cake. I was talking to Alison as she began to assemble the seven layer masterpiece of a wedding cake she created for Dani, when it came time for Dani’s first look with her dad. Alison and I moved out of the way into the entryway, but were still able to see Dan’s reaction when he turned and saw Dani. It was one of the most moving moments. THEN…it was time for Dani and Josh’s first look, so Alison and I  stayed out of the way so Haley Madewell could get those perfect shots without us interfering! By that time, Alison and I were both crying because those moments were two of the most genuine loving moments I have ever been able to witness. The genuine strong love that this couple has for one another, and the deep love that their families have for them was incredibly inspiring, not to mention moving. 

Dani’s first look with her dad, Dan Wilson.
Dani & Josh’s first look.

After wiping our tears away it was back to work! Alison finalized the assembly of Dani’s gorgeous wedding cake – a seven tier work of art in white and hand painted gold. It is still to this day one of the most striking cakes I’ve ever seen {not to mention most delicious}. For Josh, Alison designed a Yeti Cooler cake out of fondant, complete with Texas Tech decor on all sides of the cake. It looked so much like a real cooler, people kept walking by it all night long and doing double takes because they could not believe it was a cake!


Custom wedding cake by Alison Collins.


Custom groom’s cake by Alison Collins.


“People would ask me the day of the wedding if I was nervous, I never felt nervous at all. So I thought it was weird for people to ask me that. Thinking about it now, I feel like the reason I wasn’t nervous is because in my mind it was just Dani and I, and a whole lot of our friends and family, and I knew without a doubt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” – Josh Bloodworth

The Ceremony was at 6:00 PM and left us all teary eyed and full of joy. The Wilson family chose the Don Caldwell Band for their ceremony music and reception entertainment. For the recessional song, guests experienced an emotionally charged surprise when Dani’s father, Dan Wilson, sang “At Last”, by Etta James. It was an incredibly beautiful moment! After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a delightful appetizer hour on the patio while the wedding party and family finished pictures with the very talented Haley Madewell of Haley D. Photography. Following pictures and appetizers, family and guests enjoyed a delicious and beautiful meal prepared and served by Heart and Soul Cuisine. When dinner concluded the couple and wedding party was introduced and it was time to get the party started! From dances to cake cutting to the tossing of the bouquet & garter, Dani + Josh never stopped smiling for even a moment.

Looking back on her big day, Dani shared with me, 

“Our wedding day was everything I could have ever dreamed and imagined! I felt so blessed to be marrying the love of my life. Josh is everything I ever prayed for in a husband and I feel so blessed to be his wife! Our wedding day was so perfect and amazing and I wish I could relive it over and over again. Katy surrounded us with love and encouragement all day long and made the day completely stress-free for us. We were able to focus on each other and starting our life together instead of worrying about the details. I could not have asked for a more perfect day. We are forever thankful for Katy and all of the EBE staff for taking our dreams and visions and making them come true!”

Father of the Bride, Dan Wilson, singing “At Last” for the ceremony recessional.


All of this beautiful evening was captured by Contract Cre8ive of Lubbock, led by Carly Shelton. Their team did an excellent job of capturing the excitement pre-ceremony, sweetness of the ceremony and vows, to the important reception details  and fun energy as the newly weds danced the night away. Their videography team worked super hard along with photographer Haley Madewell, to produce timeless photos and a video that Dani and Josh can cherish for the rest of their lives! It was truly the most perfect night!



Personal Aside From the Wedding Planner: Dani and Josh’s wedding will always hold a very special place in my heart for several reasons. First, I got to know them and their families very well because of the precious time we were gifted to have to plan their event. As I got to know them, I grew to love them and have gained life long friendships from these families that I will always cherish. Secondly, Dani and her sweet mom Lisa were very detail oriented and put much value in the small details. This made the wedding planning process SO MUCH FUN because we got to try some different things and really put a lot of meaning and thought into each and every moment of the day. Thirdly, this day meant so much to me, because of all my people that showed up for me personally on this day. Exactly one week before Dani’s wedding I was in a terrible car accident when a drunk driver who was leaving another event nearby,  failed to stop at a stop sign. Praise the Lord, I walked away with some minor scrapes, bruising, and a concussion. I know it could have been so much worse. Needless to say, one week later I was still not feeling great at all, still had a constant headache and other physical pain, and was feeling super frustrated that this happened the week before one of the MOST IMPORTANT weddings of my career. I prayed, and trusted that God would provide. Provide He did and beyond. My mom came from Fort Worth and did not leave my side all day, my sweet husband was there for me and checked on me all day, staying for most of the event also, and people who were not even scheduled to work that day at the venue came in and helped out to ensure that we could get everything done. It was one of the most beautiful feelings to see everyone working together. This day was and always will be very special to me for so many reasons. Thank you Dani and Josh for entrusting me with your vision. Thank you for being such dear precious people and friends. I love you and your families both and am blessed by you! 




Venue: The Barn at Eberley Brooks

Planner: Katy Rush

Floral: Poppies & Peonies

Cakes: Bake My Day, Alison Collins

Paper Goods: Whitney Owen Designs

Photography: Haley D. Photography

Videography: Contract Cre8ive

Catering: Heart & Soul Cuisine

Entertainment: Caldwell Entertainment

Coffee Bar: Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters

Popcorn: Texas Goody’s Popcorn

Hair: Jeb Wilcox

Makeup: Elyce Arrieta

Specialty Linen Rental: Spoil Me Rotten