Dear Wedding Guest

Dear Guest,

We have all been a guest to a wedding at one point or another, and I want to send out a few reminders

to my fellow guests.

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  1. Please RSVP. Please RSVP. PLEASE RSVP! Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout on that last sentence, but I wanted you to hear me. Please RSVP! Jessica Murray with Heart and Soul Cuisine says, “The reception is a gift from the bride and groom to people they love.” I think that’s well said. The bride and groom love you enough to invite you to celebrate their marriage, and they want to feed you and give you cake! That means we need to help them know how many people to prepare for!

I have to be honest with you for a second. I used to be horrible at RSVPing. I want to formally apologize to my friends whose weddings I did not RSVP to. I’m sorry. I will do better. I promise.

  1. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WEDDING! Be thankful you were included in such a wonderful event, and hold your negative comments about the florals, decor, food, or alcohol. Be grateful for the free gifts you are given.
  1. Be kind and courteous to the vendors (caterers, florists, bartenders, etc.) and appreciate the work they are doing for you. Say please and thank you. Smile. You could even throw your trash away. Treat those people with respect. They deserve it.
  1. Find the bride’s and groom’s parents and give them a hug. They married off their children that day, and it can be very emotional. I tell my coworkers all the time that I watch the groom’s mother. That will be me one day. I cry with her sometimes. I know I will have to let my boys go, and that is such a hard pill to swallow.
  1. This is the most important reminder. You ready, guest? Pray for the couple and support them. Encourage them. Love them. Don’t bring them down. Pick them up! Yes, we all know marriage is difficult sometimes. But don’t lecture them about that on their wedding day. Remind them to choose each other every day! (Also, your first question shouldn’t be, “When are you having kids?”)
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I had a guest tell me one time that he loves praying for the couple while they say their vows. Praying they will honor them and uphold them. I love that idea! I started doing that during the wedding ceremonies I coordinate. God is bigger than all of us, and if you ask him into your marriage, He can bring mighty change and give you a firm foundation to stand on.

Guest, I hope I didn’t offend or upset you, but you needed to hear this. Above all else, have fun at the wedding! Get up and dance! Eat cake. Remember this is their gift to you. Enjoy the celebration of two people you love coming together to join as one and love each other forever. What an awesome thing that is!


Cubs win,