Every Little Question

SO….TODAY…Today I want to share with y’all what I hope is a little piece of joy, and what I hope will alleviate some stress from your lives! I myself encountered this when I was engaged and several of my brides and family members have also experienced this lately…THE QUESTIONS…


So you get engaged! You are on a high! It is one of the most indescribably beautiful moments of your life!!! You are overjoyed!!! Then not 24 hours later, family members PLUS strangers on the street start asking you all the details of your wedding and you are supposed to have it all planned and figured out. WHAT?!

A. This does not make any sense. The planning should be part of the fun! Key phrase there, “Should be”. Take it to pen and paper. Make a list of dreams things for your wedding vs. must haves. Try as early as possible to decide on a budget and know what the budget needs to cover. Then you can get rough quotes for all the things you would LOVE to have, and add them in as you can or cut them out of the event as you need. Try to be organized and do what you can to make the planning process easier for you and your fiancé. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT let anyone else try to tell you how you should plan, organize, or decorate your day! It is completely okay for this to be uniquely about you and your fiance!

B. A question from someone else about your wedding planning and wedding day is simply an INVITATION to have a conversation about it. You do NOT have to accept this invitation, in fact I actually suggest limiting the number of people you share intimate details with about your special day. Everyone has their own opinion, and for some reason they feel like you want their advice when you have not asked for it. Another thing to consider is that a person may be asking about your plans as a polite inquiry, and may be relieved not to receive a detailed response. For these reasons I suggest developing a few key responses that can be used over and over again with people in response to their questions.  




Question: Where will you have the ceremony? Will it be in your home church? Have you set a date yet?

Response: We are taking a few weeks to enjoy the engagement and soak it in! Thank you for your excitement for us! We are thrilled for our upcoming wedding!


Question: What are your colors? What kinds of flowers are you using? How many bridesmaids? Who is going to cater?

Response: Thank you so much for your excitement over our upcoming wedding! We are leaving all of those details to ourselves before the big day. You’ll just have to wait and see!


Question: Where are y’all getting married since Jeremy’s family is Catholic and yours are Jewish and you go to a non denominational church? Who will perform the ceremony? (People will ask you all sorts of personal questions like this – Bottom Line: it is not any of their business so just respond politely with a practiced response.)


Response: Sounds like it could make for a confusing day doesn’t it?! We are planning it just the way we want it – you will just have to wait and see!



Enjoy your engagement! It is a short period of time in the grand scheme of things and you will not get it back! Go on dates! Enjoy talking and dreaming about your wedding day but more importantly your marriage! Do NOT let anything or anyone steal your joy during this beautiful time!