Frequently Asked Questions @ Eberley Brooks Events 

  • When do we meet with our day of coordinator? Within 30 days of your date hold agreement, your coordinator will contact you to go over any questions you might still have. A meeting 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding will then be scheduled with the coordinator handling your event.  At that meeting, we will discuss timeline, vendors, music for ceremony, as well as any other wishes you have for your wedding day. Please remember this person will only coordinate the day of your event. If you would like someone to coordinate your entire wedding, please see our Event Coordinator package!
  • What is the maximum number of guests your facilities can accommodate?
    • The Barn is 10,000 square feet with space for both a ceremony and reception inside. It can accommodate 400 guests. Our Base  Package is for 300 guests; please inquire about the possibility for larger parties or weddings as an additional fee is added for over 300 guests.
    • The Sage chapel is able to hold up to 200 guests. Additional guest over 200 will be standing room only, if available.
    • The Salle de David can also only accommodate up to 200 guests.
  • How much time is allotted when renting the venue? 14 hours is allotted on the day of the event: 10:00 am to midnight.  Wedding will be rehearsed on the day of the event or the day prior if available.  One hour is given for rehearsal.
  • What if additional time is needed? It is an additional $750 to extend your rental agreement from 12:00 – 12:59am.
  • Can we have an outdoor wedding? Yes! We have two outdoor ceremony sites for both the Barn and Salle De David.  Both are the perfect backdrop for saying “I do”.
  • If we want to use the Barn or Salle for a reception only, is the price different? No, the price is the same whether you use the venue for ceremony only, reception only, or both.
  • If we do not want to use the chapel for our ceremony, is the price different? No, the price is the same whether you use the chapel for ceremony or not.
  • Do you have a bride/groom suite? Yes!
    • Our bridal suite has a full-length corner mirror,  vanity spaces each with their own outlets, an under-the-counter refrigerator, and a private bathroom for the bride and bridal party.
    • Our groom’s suite is the perfect “Man Cave” for groom and groomsmen to wait as they prepare for the big event.  It has a flat screen TV, game table, and an under-the-counter refrigerator.
  • Do you allow outside vendors? Yes, but all vendors must be approved by Eberley Brooks.
  • Do you provide on-site catering? No, you will need to get an approved, outside vendor for your catering needs.  Please see separate catering page for more details and additional fees that you may incur.
  • Do you provide tables, chairs, and linens? Yes, and the Eberley Brooks staff will set up the tables, chairs, and linens for you.
  • Do you provide silverware, flatware, napkins, cups, and ice?  No, your catering vendor will need to provide all of those items.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning tables and trash removal? The vendors and Eberley Brooks Events staff will take care of cleaning the tables, chairs, and trash removal.
  • Do you provide alcohol? Can we bring our own alcohol? We do not provide alcohol. Alcohol is allowed and may be served under the following conditions:
    • You must complete and turn in an “Approval Request for Use of Alcoholic Beverages” form at least 45 days prior to your event.
    • If approved, you must hire your own TABC certified bartenders and Eberley Brooks will need copies of their TABC licenses.
    • For every event in which alcohol is served, Eberley Brooks will hire off-duty police officers at your expense unless otherwise approved in writing. $400.00
  • Is parking available? Yes. Included in our Base Package are attendants who will assist in directing traffic the day of your event.
  • Can we bring our own décor? Yes! Eberley Brooks wants to make every event special. Every effort will be made to allow clients to prepare decorations reflecting their creative tastes. Further decorating details will be discussed during your tour of our facilities. Should your decor require and Eberley Brooks staff member for items such as drapes installation,  additional lighting, etc an additional $50 per EBE staff required/per hour will be charged.
  • Do you have any items that are banned? Yes. No real flower petals can be thrown in the facilities as they stain the floor.  Real candles are allowed, but they must be in some type of vase or on something that catches the wax so that it does not ruin our linens. *Charges will occur for any wax on table cloths or facility.
  • Do you allow animals? No animals allowed unless previously approved and noted in the contract.
  • Do you allow smoking? Eberley Brooks is a non-smoking event center. Parking lot only.
  • Is there nearby lodging for out-of-town guests?  Yes, the nearest hotels are:  Holiday Inn Express and Suites Lubbock West, Arbor Inn and Suites, and Overton Hotel and Conference Center


When do we have rehearsal for our wedding?

All rehearsals are based on availability of the venue and rehearsal times must be scheduled with your coordinator. Rehearsals may only be booked two months prior to event.

If you are getting married in the Sage Chapel: The timing of your rehearsal will be scheduled after the scheduled ceremony is conducted that day. Suggestion: You may schedule rehearsal dinner prior to having the actual rehearsal. This will allow us time to conduct the scheduled ceremony and give you time to enjoy dinner earlier.

If you are getting married in the Barn: Your rehearsal can be conducted 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Day of. This will be conducted in the barn at 10am the morning of your ceremony. **We highly recommend scheduling  a “day of” rehearsal if you are having live musicians in the barn and the barn is booked the evening prior.
  2. An evening prior to ceremony, if available.
  3. In Great Room and Courtyard if available.  If your rehearsal is in the Great Room/Courtyard, it will be limited to participants of the wedding only, so that we will have ample room for the rehearsal.  

Rehearsal Dinners:

  • The Great Room and Courtyard is available for rehearsal dinners to anyone at a first come, first booked bases. If your ceremony location is not available the evening prior to your ceremony, we are able to do rehearsals in the Great Room and Courtyard if you have booked that facility for dinner.  Rehearsal dinner for this facility may be booked at anytime and does not follow the two months prior rule.  
  • Salle De David and Jardin will be available for rehearsal dinners, however we will not allow booking earlier than two months prior to your ceremony date.

Rehearsal Off Site:

  • If you would like to coordinate a rehearsal off site, you can schedule your coordinator to attend if within the  Lubbock county.  This must be scheduled two months prior to your ceremony. The coordinator may then go over timelines, answer questions  or conduct the rehearsal off site.


Catering | Eberley Brooks Events handles catering based on a tiered rating.


Tier 1: Caterers are full service caterers who are there to serve your entire event. From serving buffet or a plated meal, cleaning off tables, cake cutting or dessert service, maintaining drink station, and staying the entirety of the event. They don’t leave until you do.  No additional fees incur

Tier 2:  Caterers are caterers who service just your meal. They will serve your meal and clean up their mess. They are usually just hired for 2 or 3 hours. This then leaves a void at your drink station, cake cutting, and tables will still need to be cleaned up. Eberley Brooks Events will hire 2 EBE staff members to make sure those fine details are taken care of on your behalf. Those staff members will also be there till the end to help with clean up and packing up your items.  Additional $300 fee will incur.

Tier 3:  While this is NOT recommended you are allowed to caterer yourself or have a drop off service. Because this service will add stress as well as workload, you will be charged for 4 additional EBE staff members to work on your behalf and be in attendance to help with the drink station, cake cutting, clean up, etc.  EBE staff members will not set up or serve your food. It will be your responsibility to bring ALL items for your meal service (serving utensils, warmers, bowls, plates, etc). Please remember there is no cooking allowed inside our facilities. Additional $600 fee will incur.


What additional services do you provide? Please inquire about  Al la Carte items that can be added to any facility rental package at your showing.


Last Minute Services &  Fees

We hate additional fees however, Eberley Brooks Events is dedicated to  providing our guest with the highest quality of service and hospitality. Little details left unattended reflect poorly on everyone, and at the end of the night they will remember the venue and how we attended to our guests. Fees that could incur include but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Staff member to help you install items such as drapes, lighting, etc.  $50 per staff/per hour
  2. Cake Cutting $175.00
  3. Maintain non-alcoholic beverage service $175.00
  4. Table cloth replacement $50.00
  5. Candle wax removal $55.00 per occurrence
  6. Excess cleaning due to vomiting   $75 per occurrence
  7. Chair replacement $30 per chair


What is your cancellation policy?  If your event is cancelled for any reason, the following policies shall apply:

    • Other than your security deposit, EBE is unable to issue refunds under any circumstances.
    • If your event is cancelled more than 120 days before the event, EBE will refund your security deposit and credit your balance paid, less the Non-Refundable Date Hold Deposit, for future facility rental within one year of your original booking.
    • If your event is cancelled less than 120 days before your event, EBE will not be able to provide a credit toward future facility rental or refund any balances paid, other than the security deposit.

If your event is cancelled, you will be asked to sign an Event Cancellation form in order to void any remaining balances due to EBE.

What is needed to hold my date?  

    • If you have toured our facility, a $500 non-refundable deposit and a date hold agreement must be filled out in order for us to secure your event date and time.
    • If you have not toured our facility but would like us to hold your date, a $500 deposit will hold your date. However, if the first consultation is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment, your deposit will not be refunded. If booking is not confirmed at first consultation your deposit will be refunded and your wedding date and time will be released. 

    • Within 30 days of your date hold agreement, an initial consultation will be scheduled to review services and contract. This meeting to be held in person, on phone or over email.
    • Within 10 days of the initial consultation, a signed contract must be returned and a 25% deposit of services booked will be due.
    • A payment schedule for the remaining balance will be made with contract signing. Final payment for all services will be due 30 days prior to your event date.
    • Additional services and rentals can be added prior to your event date, but payment for these services/rentals will be billed separately and due upon receipt.