Five Things Every Bride Should Do On Her Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Day!

The morning of the most special day of your life has finally arrived! Before you take those memorable steps down the aisle to your groom, there are a few things you should do first to ensure you have the best day possible!


Drink Water

Making sure to stay hydrated is one of the most important things to do on your wedding day. Drinking 16oz of water with fresh squeezed lemon can kick start your metabolism for the day and hydrate you – which will ensure that you feel amazing on your wedding day! You may be tempted to go for your normal cup of java, BUT the caffeine can leave you feeling jittery and bloated. Start with a refreshing lemon water and then enjoy some coffee (or a Mimosa!) later after you have been hydrating.


Text Your Future Spouse

Send your future spouse a sweet text to brighten their morning! “I can’t wait to see you as I walk down the aisle.” It will be fun later to look back on these texts and think about your giddy “wedding day” butterflies.


 Air Your Wedding Dress Out

Take your dress out of the bag from the bridal shop so it can air out. Hang it up on a pretty special hanger for pictures, and spot steam it with distilled water. Then lay out all of your accessories: jewelry, shoes, hair pieces, etc. The photographer can get some fun shots of these things, and it will make you feel better to have everything laid out long before you dress.


Turn Your Phone Off (or at least on silent) and Be Still.

Send your necessary messages in the morning, get to where you need to be for getting ready, and then turn your phone off OR turn it over to your Maid of Honor to monitor. The last thing you should be doing on your wedding day is responding to text messages about what time your ceremony starts or being distracted by social media. Take time to be still and take in everything around you. The flower girl’s face when her flower crown arrives, your mom’s teary eyed face as she tells you how beautiful you look, your best friends and family around you joyfully enjoying your special day.



Ask that if anything goes wrong do not tell me.

Whether it’s your wedding planner, maid of honor, sister – whoever it is – make sure that you have a point person for the day who knows the timeline – when things are supposed to happen and where. People can ask them any questions that need to be answered – you just need to enjoy the day! This person should know that if anything goes wrong, you do not need to know! If the caterer drops the entire slab of meat on the ground and then serves it to all your guests…if the florist gets locked in the elevator for 45 minutes after being late and does not finish all of your florals….if the groom’s pants rip and are being sewn up 30 minutes before the ceremony is set to start – YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW!


**No matter what, this is going to be THE best day of your life! These few little tips will just help ensure that you have the most enjoyable day possible! Also, remember my sweet brides that you ladies set the tone for the day. All eyes will be on you! If something happens and you remain calm, others around you will remain calm too.

The Bottom Line: All these lovely details are inspiring, important, meaningful – the list goes on and on, BUT at the end of the day, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you are marrying the love of your life! Don’t ever lose sight of that!**



Katy Rush


Photographer | http://lacendahartmanphotography.com

Wedding of Keith & Candy Braim | September 8, 2017