Flying Solo


May 6, 2017.  My first wedding to coordinate solo. Alone. By myself. Unaccompanied.

May 6, 2017. I had butterflies in my stomach.  Butterflies in my stomach that were so strong I almost thought there might be literal butterflies in there.

I was nervous, excited, and I wanted the day to be perfect for Meagan and Robbie.

Shout out to sweet Meagan!  Thank you so much for being so kind. For trusting me, allowing me to coordinate, and giving such grace in the learning process of being a coordinator.  I will never forget your beautiful wedding.  It was LOTS of fun too.

Meagan and Robbie’s families were patient with me as I worked through my first ceremony and everything went so well.  I could not have hand-picked better families to be around that day.  They also had “Whitharral Families” that helped set up decorations and tear down everything at the end of the night. That’s exactly what Meagan wrote in her Event Checklist., “Whitharral Families.” It was awesome to see their friends arrive early, help the whole day, and stay all night to make sure everything was taken care of.  I love it when people work together and serve each other. It makes my enneagram 2 heart very happy.

Her florals were bright and vibrant created by our preferred vendor, Market Street Floral on 98th and Quaker.  They gave her outdoor ceremony the perfect pop of color.  The music got your feet dancing.  The food was yummy.  The couple was meant to be!


And can we please talk about how gorgeous Meagan and Robbie are!  Way to capture them so well, Steve Conway Photography.


May 6, 2017 was the night I realized I truly loved this job.  I was capable.  I could help a bride through one of the most important days of her life.  I was hooked, and I haven’t looked back since.

Thank you again, Meagan and Robbie.  I hope you’ve had two years of wedded bliss, and we at Eberley Brooks will continue to pray for many years of blessings for your marriage!

Cubs Win,


P.s. This is also the night I met Katy Rush.  God knows what he is doing.  He brought me a best friend and coworker that day too!  (Insert happy dance here.)

Not from Meagan’s wedding, but this is our happy dance. 🙂