Gift Ideas for Your Special Person

So your wedding is quickly approaching and you have everything ready except that one thing.

The wedding gift.

I know for me personally, this one was a hard one. I knew I wanted it to be something special, yet not too expensive.

There are so many gift options that you can give to your special someone. As someone who works plenty of weddings,

I will share some of my favorite gifts that I have seen in hopes that this helps narrow down your options.



It doesn’t have to be something fancy. Something just as simple as a heartfelt letter is just as special.

Pour out your heart on a piece of paper, express how madly in love you are, & write all your mushy gushy feelings down.

I promise they will love it.


BeccaLea Photography





This one is a given… but a good given.

Who doesn’t want their future spouse smellin all sorts of wonderful before they say “I Do”?

Pick out a scent that you love on them. Something that they wouldn’t normally choose.

This makes it special because each time they wear it, they will reminded of their wedding day.



Tara Hobgood Photography





Whether it is a picture of their dog, a boudoir photo, or the first picture y’all ever took together,

a canvas is something that they will always be able to hold onto.

They have the freedom to hang it on the wall or keep it in a safe place.

Pictures are always a great present, printed or on a canvas.



Deborah Faith Photography




For both gentlemen & ladies, jewelry is always a great gift.

Having it engraved or customized will make it even more special.

Jewelry is something that can be passed down through the future generations too on their wedding day.

Accessories are easy, yet so beautiful and can be pretty affordable too!





A wedding gift is definitely not a necessity on your special day, but it does allow the both of you to walk away with something that you will always cherish.

At the end of the day, you are giving them the gift of forever & that’s the best gift of all.

Happy shopping.

xoxo, Hannah