Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters

Raelynne Jessica Photography


How Did You Get Started?

Zane and I got started as coffee hobbyists and started our business in 2012 as a mobile espresso caterers under the name “Courier Coffee”

What Inspires You?

I am inspired by the intricacies of creation.  A mantra that has resonated for me has been “Created to create”

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job?

My favorite thing about our work is the opportunity to work with my big brother.

Is there any particular moment that stands out to you?

Our first event was booked before we had the means to serve at it.  I told Zane, “Pick a machine this week and we are gonna make it happen.”  A common theme for us is that we commit to an idea then hustle to make it work.  Among our staff we often quote, “make coffee, not excuses.”

What Sets You apart from others in your industry?

It is not uncommon for businesses to start flashy and behind the scenes cut corners on product quality.  We have never been known to have brand new equipment but in doing so, we are able to pump our capital into buying some amazingly delicious coffee, organic milk, and specialty ingredients.  When working with limited resources, one must use creativity in problem solving. We have self-funded our operation without using bank loans or investors. Our approach to business has allowed our experience to grow with our business and avoid expensive mistakes that others make early on.  


Raelynne Jessica Photography

Is there any contribution or accomplishment that stands out the most to you?

Our greatest contribution has been to affect the local coffee culture of Lubbock.  We have been hired as technicians, barista & latte art trainers for other retail coffee shops such as Yellow House Coffee, Sugar Brown’s, Healthy Essentials, Reverse, Mochachino of Seminole, and others.  We are known for coffee equipment maintenance, repair, training, and are distributors of commercial machines such as La Marzocco, Curtis, Mahkoenig, Baratza, Bunn, Astoria and Nuova Simonelli.

What Is Something Interesting About Yourself That Most People Don’t Know About?

Zane and I both lived in Mexico for 18 months and speak Spanish fluently.  “Somos güeros Mexicanos de corazón.”

What Do You Like To Do On Your Free Time?

I love to travel abroad and eat great food.

If You Could Travel To Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be & Why?

I would love to travel to Japan and eat at Jiro’s sushi restaurant. Jiro dreams of Sushi -Netflix documentary.

Favorite Drink?


Favorite Restaurant?

The Ranch House (may it rest in peace)

Favorite Type of Music?

Punk Rock

Favorite Holiday?


A Few More Things We’d Like You To Know About Gold Stripe:

They offer catering, self-service stations, pour-over bars, and a full espresso and latte bar in addition to their personally crafted brews. Gold Stripe has two locations – one in Lubbock’s Cactus Alley Courtyard and one at the ground floor of the First Bank and Trust Building on the Southwest corner of 98th and Slide.


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Thank you Zach, for sharing more about Gold Stripe with our Eberley Brooks Family! We LOVE your coffee and having y’all as one of our preferred vendors! We look forward to seeing you soon!