Grayce Floral

Today, we want to introduce you to the two fabulous women behind Grayce Floral and Southern Elegance Designs.

Grayce Floral is a brick and mortar floral shop off of Quaker. They offer take out florals, gift items [their candles are to die for] custom design plants for home, office & more, funeral florals, wedding florals, event florals, workshops, and more!

They also recently added their own line of coffee to the mix. Southern Elegance Designs is their event design company that offers floral design, catering, cakes and more!

Shelley and Tonjua have known each other since they were babies.

They did their own children’s weddings, followed by one at the Windmill Museum. This one got published in The Knot, so they had to decide on a name for their business quickly and they chose Southern Elegance.

They started in Shelley’s dining room and grew up there organically; never borrowing a penny!

These two incredible ladies are truly self made. They did all kinds of earthy techniques in the beginning: used green apples, grew grass in long boxes used twigs – whatever they could to create a unique look.

What inspires you?

 Shelley: Brides with no money that have a lot of ideas but not a lot of money. It  inspires me to want to give them a really special day.

Tonjua: Seeing the end process after all of our planning and brainstorming, and then seeing our brides’ (& families’) faces when they see the end result.

What is your favorite thing about what y’all do?

S: Floral design. Working with the families and getting to know them!

T: Seeing the bride’s face when she sees the final product. When her eyes glisten and she is excited!

Is there any particular moment that stands out to you?

T: There was a wedding that we did in Colorado that stands out to us in particular. They really made us feel like part of their family. The family called us four months out from the wedding date! The mother of the bride had suddenly passed away six months out from their wedding date, and they needed help but did not have a sizable budget. It is hard to describe the beautiful feeling when families step up and work hard together to make the day perfect for two special people. The father of the groom danced with the bride too, and both families gave the couple unwavering support. It was a beautiful event and we were so blessed to be a part of it.

What sets you apart from others in the industry? 

S & T: We can do everything and literally be a one stop wedding shop! We make everything very cohesive and flow together with your design style and your venue.

What is something interesting about each of you that most people do not know about?

S: I was the Kress Kangaroo Mascot in high school. I even had a pouch and a baby!

T: I was a medalist on the golf team in high school. I’m left handed but I played right handed!

What do you like to do in your free time?

S: I LOVE to listen to real life murder mystery podcasts. (Culpable)

T: I love to garden and work with potted plants at home.

What are some fun areas you have traveled to for Weddings?

S & T: Platoro, CO – there was no service at all | Throckmorton, TX on a beautiful ranch |  Lajitas | McKinney | Dallas | Grapevine | Silverton – on a beautiful ranch.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

S: Santorini Greece.

T: Paris.

Favorite Drink?

S: Coke Zero.

T: Coffee w/cream.

Favorite Restaurant?

S: Chuy’s.

T: Joe Taco.

Favorite Type of Music?

S & T: We listen to anything! Usually we let the college kids we are working with pick the music and it is upbeat, fast and gets everyone moving!

Favorite Holiday?

S & T: Christmas!!! We love decorating houses, food, family, and traditions.

What is the one question we should have asked you but didn’t?

S & T: About the shop on Quaker! We offer out the door florals, gift items, will decorate homes for the holidays, funerals, weddings, floral delivery, and have workshops available!

Anything else you would like Eberley Brooks blog readers to know about you? 

S & T: We can provide cakes and catering as well! We pride ourselves on giving the mother of the bride and bride a stress free day where they are not having to worry about anything.

Our foundation is built upon this principle!