Happy Father’s Day: This One’s For You

Tony Cotten is the father figure to all of us here at Eberley Brooks. He is the man of the house and if one needs something, we always know where to find him.


Tony is the father to Misty and Casey, and is “Mr. T” to Eberley, Sage, Brooks & David.


What does it mean to you to play the role of a father? 

“This may sound strange, but one of the most important roles of a father is to love his wife. The greatest gifts you can give your children is the security and knowledge that mom & dad love and care for each other and that love and care will naturally be conveyed to their children.”



What is one memory that pops up in your head that you have from being a dad?  

“I have lots of great memories with my children. We decided one year that instead of buying a bunch of “stuff” for each other at Christmas, we would take a trip. This became a tradition for us each year. On one of our holiday trips we went snowmobiling in Yellowstone N.P. It was an all day adventure. One of the snow mobiles broke down in the middle of nowhere and we all just soaked in the quietness, beauty and serenity of God’s amazing creation for a few minutes and then broke out into a big snowball fight. We thought we were going to freeze to death on that day but God’s love for us and our love for each other always provides all the warmth that we need.”



Lessons you have learned throughout your role as a father?  Any encouragement to all the dad’s out there?

Memories with your children are only made when you spend time with them. Laurie and I decided many years ago to “invest in memories.” We all spend a lot of time, money, and energy investing in different things (houses, cars, business, retirement, exc.) but we forget to invest in some of the most important things in our lives– people. You have to “budget” time, money, and energy and invest it in others. First, invest in your marriage. Second, invest in your children. Finally, invest in others around you. When you budget and invest in others, memories will be made.



We want to honor all of the fathers out there on this special weekend and want to thank all of you for your unconditional love.

Tony, thank you for being an example to us all here at Eberley Brooks.

Happy Father’s Day.