Happy Mother’s Day, Momma

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to chat about including your mom in your special day.
Sure, you don’t have to honor or include your mom, or the other women in your life on your special day – but doing so will create special memories that will last a lifetime.
First things first-  Sit down and have a conversation with her about what the few things might be that she would love to see incorporated.
“Something old and something blue.”  
I am of the notion that you should have at least one NON-negotiable and allow her to have one non-negotiable.
Meaning that everything else you can come to a compromise, but each of you can have your own one non-negotiable.
Secondly- Ask your mom how she would feel most honored and included.
Some moms want to be the life of the party and be included in every moment, while others simply want to be present while you are putting on that stunning dress.
Third – Take advantage of her strengths.
While it may stress you out to keep up with RSVP cards and addresses — She may thrive on organization and be able to take that stress off your plate.
Let her. Let her be involved as much as possible.
Whether it is putting together a slideshow for you and your groom full of baby pictures, or simply writing addresses on wedding invitations, include your mom.
Lastly- Don’t forget your future Mother-in-Law
She did raise that stud of a man you get to love the rest of your days – I encourage you to include her in on the planning.
Share with her your ideas and dreams. Ask if there are ways you can incorporate their family &/or traditions in the ceremony or reception.
That is her baby boy getting married… let her feel involved as well.
Regardless of how you decide to incorporate the special ladies in your life – the thing to remember is sharing in the moment together.
Your special day is just as special to them as well.
To all the wonderful mothers out there, thank you.
Thank you for investing in us. believing in us. holding us. loving us when we don’t deserve it. & raising us to be the person that we are today.
Today, we celebrate you and your unconditional love.
Love, Misty