Hello Summer

It’s only a few short weeks into the Summer season and I am already blasting the A/C in my car!

I always look forward to summertime until I remember how hot it actually gets here in West Texas.

There comes a point during this season, that you just have to accept the fact you will be sweating bullets at some point throughout the day.

Hello Summer.

Summertime is without a doubt the most popular season for weddings.

With this season making its appearance very fast, I wanted to give some ideas for your summer wedding.



Hydration is key.

You can never have enough water for your guests.

If you want to be extra (in the best way) you can get personalized water bottles!

The blazing sun + alcohol, does not sound like a good ending to me.

I encourage you to have water in buckets &/or ice chests in multiple places around your venue.

Your guests will be so appreciative.



Timing is everything.

When considering your ceremony start time, consider what time the sun starts to set.

30 minutes can actually make a pretty big difference in your day.

In the summertime, I like to think that start times anywhere from 6:00-7:00 are the perfect times.

By the time ceremony is over, the sun is almost set and makes the reception a lot cooler than it would be at 5:00.

Besides, people dance better in dark 



Fan it down.

Brides always ask me if party favors are a must?

No… but I’m totally not against them.

I think in the summertime, a cute idea for your party favors are fans!

You can have them sitting out for your guests during your reception.

This allows your guest to cool themselves down, but also allows them to walk away with something from your wedding.

Personalized fans can be found on any wedding website & Etsy!


Don’t forget your sunscreen!

xoxo, Hannah