Last August, I wrote a blog about the top 10 destinations for honeymoons!

You can find that here:



Jordan & I just returned from our honeymoon and could not be any happier with how it went.

Now that I’ve had some personal experience of my own, I wanted to bring this subject back up & lend some helpful tips!

We went to Riviera Maya, Cancun & stayed at an all-inclusive resort.

It was unbelievable.


Speaking of all-inclusive, it is a must. 

I genuinely believe that we will never do something other than all-inclusive ever again.

Being able to have everything paid for upon arrival, eat anywhere at anytime, & order cocktails by the poolside whenever you want was so luxurious.

Gratuity is included, but I would leave a little more here & there.


I’ve been asked several times what my favorite part was & although there are many things to choose from,

I think that my favorite part was how “escaped” I felt from the world. (& not wearing makeup for a week)

We made it a point to put our phones away for the time that we were there, besides for the pictures that were taken of course.

This allowed us to focus solely on one another & not what was happening on the social media world.

It was so refreshing.

I would highly encourage you to put your phone away on your honeymoon too.



Our desire was to have that tropical, romantic getaway.

However, Jordan & I had to pay for our own honeymoon.

When we were looking at numbers, we didn’t think a honeymoon was going to even happen.

The Lord provides.

Our tax returns came back just in time & y’all… almost to the exact dollar, our trip was paid for.

With that said, don’t feel pressured to do a huge trip that will break your bank.

Mexico was unbelievable and was so affordable.

Wherever you go in the world, it really will be the sweetest trip.


We are only a week into marriage & it really has been the best thing yet.

Our honeymoon was such a sweet beginning to our lives as Mr. & Mrs.

We will cherish this trip forever.

Sit down with your special someone & look at what exactly it is you are wanting.

Look at places, numbers, & what all is included.

Whether it’s the next town over, or a whole other world away, cherish every moment.

xoxo, Hannah