Making Your Pinterest Board Come to Life




Let’s be real… Pinterest is a lifesaver when it comes to planning your wardrobe, your future house decor, recipes for the week, and especially your wedding day.

Here at Eberley Brooks, we highly encourage you to get inspiration from Pinterest. It is a wonderful asset in the wedding world.

Although Pinterest can sometimes be overwhelming because everything on there looks so dang perfect, we can use it to get a better idea of what your vision is.



It is important to narrow down your needs and desires before you come to your first consultation with your coordinator.

This allows us to move in the right direction at a faster pace, instead of us taking the time helping you make up what it is you’re exactly wanting.

Utilize your resources, allow us to guide you, stand firm in what your heart wants, and let’s get this planning party started.


There is a fine line between doing what everyone else is doing and getting too creative.

Don’t exaggerate your creativity. Be unique. Be you. But don’t get too caught up on trying to make it so creative that it becomes too much.

The Pinterest world is endless when it comes to ideas. Do your best to pick one direction and run with it!

We will help you in every way to make your wedding, yours, not what everyone else is doing.


Have a board for everything. 

Bouquets, tuxedo colors, bridesmaids dresses, table setting, florals, centerpieces, you name it.

Yes, you may have 5+ boards for your one wedding, but it will help with organization.

This makes it easier for you to show each of your vendors what you want, and your caterer isn’t looking at picture after picture of florals.



Dream big, beautiful

xoxo – Hannah


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