Morning Wedding


Jordan and I are officially 6 months into marriage and I am finally getting around to writing a blog about it all!

Sunday, May 19, 2019.

What a sweet sweet day this was.

Being in the wedding industry and seeing weddings every single weekend, I really had a desire to do something a little different.

Jordan and I both love mornings, brunch food, and are the farthest thing from night owls.

So, a morning wedding just made sense to us.

I’ve always said “joy comes in the morning”, so I fell in love with this idea.

Not only did we have a morning wedding, but we had a Sunday morning wedding in the Sage Chapel.

It was filled with so much love, worship music, joy, and celebration.

It was pretty special.



Are you thinking about having a morning wedding &/or getting married on a Sunday? This blog is for you.

I absolutely loved my wedding.

However, I don’t think that I grasped how fast things were going to go by.

Before you set your heart on a morning wedding, I highly encourage you to prioritize what is important to you and what is not.

For example, I really wanted to take pictures with my bridesmaids, enjoy some down time with them, & have more time with my parents beforehand, but we simply ran out of time.

If those things are important to you, then I would either:

1. Start 30 minutes later than what you’re thinking for ceremony start time. 30 minutes does a lot!

2. If your girls are getting their hair/makeup done professionally, you might want to start at 4:30am… not 6:00 like I did.

3. Or! Have your girls do their own hair/makeup. That would save a lot of time in itself!



Although there are minor things I would go back & change, there was such a sweetness to the day and I am ALL for morning weddings.

If you do decide on a morning wedding, here are a few things that I think you definitely need to consider: 


Have donuts or pastries available pre-ceremony. Some people need a little somethin’ to get their day started.

I personally didn’t have anything before our ceremony, but had donuts as “appetizers” after the ceremony.



For dessert, consider a breakfast flavored cake or even dessert pancakes! 

Allison Collins gave me so many delicious options to choose from. We chose Mimosa flavored cake!



Morning cocktails and mimosas are sure to be appreciated by your guests. But since it is a morning wedding, don’t feel pressure to serve alcoholic beverages. 

We had both mimosas and coffee! Cheers!



Have lawn games, a photobooth  &/or other activities for your guest to enjoy! Some people may not be in the mood to dance earlier in the day. 

Thankfully our guest still boogied the whole morning, but the photobooth was so much fun!



Make a strategic photo timeline with your photographer! Allow him/her to make a timeline that they feel comfortable with!

Deborah Faith is amazing and followed her timeline to a T!



Be super organized with your decor and personal items. You want to make sure that everything is in place the day before! 

You’re not promised to decorate the night before, so you’ll want to be organized so you can move as fast as possible the morning of!

Thankfully my coworkers here at EBE know what they’re doin! (wink wink)



Try & do everything BEFORE ceremony! Your reception is likely to be quicker than an evening reception, so you don’t want to make your guest wait too long. 

Make time to do your bridal party photos, family photos, and everything else beforehand. It’ll make for a much smoother reception!



Have a plan for you and your spouse after the ceremony! Whether that is going straight to the airport for your honeymoon, or going to enjoy your home together for the first time as “one”.

You have all evening! Do something fun!

Jordan and I grabbed Whataburger & drove straight to Dallas in our wedding attire. We had an early flight the next morning. It was one of my favorite memories out of the whole day



If you’ve always pictured something more intimate, low-key, and unique to celebrate your love, a morning wedding is for you.

If you are interested in having a morning wedding, please feel free to reach out to me!

I will give you my professional and personal opinion that will hopefully lead you into making the right decision for your big day!

Day or night, you’re getting married. That’s what matters most!

xoxo, Hannah