Perfectly Imperfect – Katy’s Top Two Suggestions for Your Wedding Day

It’s not all about the details – it is, but it isn’t.

Today I want to share with you my TOP TWO suggestions for your Wedding: 1. Hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator. If its a day of coordinator, make sure they are also comfortable with making contact with all of your vendors the week of your event to go over the timeline and make sure they’re all on the same page. Having someone else be your advocate and schedule manager the day of your Wedding is SOOO important and here is why:

Things WILL happen on your wedding day! Things WILL go wrong! You do NOT want to be the one handling those moments and problem solving. You want to be enjoying your day and getting ready to
WOW your future husband and all your guests!

My Experience and why I wish I would have hired a planner.

I wanted it all to be perfect. Flawless. Without a single error – just the way I had envisioned it in my head. The only problem with this is when you get 300 people in one room and multiple vendors show up to contribute to your perfect day – things are bound to happen! I did not have a wedding planner that helped me create and design my event. I did it all myself, which is fine – but looking back I would have hired someone else to free me up to be a better fiance, daughter, friend, and human being. To summarize a few of the things that did not go according to plan: My florist was an hour and a half late and did not finish setting all of our flowers. She also didn’t use any of the wheat or milo that cost me a special delivery trip thirty minutes away the week before our wedding. Our caterer dropped our huge slab of beef on the ground before the reception. My cake was the wrong shade of color, and was leaning. Probably the most upsetting to me of all the things was: MY WEDDING DRESS!

This brings me to my Second Suggestion for your Wedding Day:

Do not let the details define the day. A detail is an individual feature, fact, item, aspect, or minute part. Do not let yourself be destroyed, defeated, or crushed by any one detail of your wedding day!

**Important note for when you are wedding dress hunting: If you are the sample size, and the outer top layer is fitted lace – the sample has stretched significantly after having bride after bride after bride try it on!!!**

When my dress came in, it was too tight in
the hip area and the lace and satin were creating a strange bunched look that was in no way “bridal”. We were blessed to find an incredible seamstress who did some miracles with needle and thread. In the end my alterations were half the cost of my dress AND
there were still many issues with my dress – in fact the issues were all I could see. It was a week before the wedding and I was completely crushed – thinking that this moment, this dress that I have been waiting to wear all my life – well, it was WRONG. How
in the world could this be? I started to cry and then my fiance texted asking how the fitting was going. I told him it was all wrong, and that there was no time or way to fix it and make it right.

He responded by saying,

“This coming Saturday you will put on your wedding dress that will make you shine like no other woman on the planet. You will be so stunningly beautiful that I will be rendered speechless. You already are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon. I cannot imagine how much more beautiful you will be on our wedding day. Surpassed only by your perfection when we stand before God. I love you.”

Then he said, “From this point on, when you see your dress or pictures of you in it, remember my words and allow yourself to be overtaken by the knowledge of how incredibly stunning you are to me.”

Photographer Credit: Brandie Mustian

I tell you all of this not to brag on how amazing my husband is – okay well maybe just a little – but to remind you my dear brides about what is important. When I read this message from him I realized what was most important. Marrying the man that sent me this message. Becoming his wife and growing our marriage after our wedding day – That is most important. Things will happen on your Wedding Day – Everything may not go 110% to plan, and that is okay. Mainly because if you’re one of our brides here at Eberley Brooks, we’re going to fix whatever problem it is before you ever hear about it! Also, it is okay because the most IMPORTANT thing of the entire day is the covenant commitment you are making to your spouse in front of God and all your loved ones. That is truly the only thing that matters.

To all our Eberley Brooks Brides, we are honored that you entrust us with your most special of all days. Our purpose and mission is to make sure your day is as PERFECT as possible, and that any issues or bumps in the road are solved before you even know it was an issue. We ask you question after question about how you want things, all the details, and the timing; because we want to make sure the florist is on time and gets all your flowers set up. We want to make sure your caterer has all the food in the proper place at the proper time. We are your advocates and your voice so that you can ENJOY your day and not think another moment about the details!