Perfectly Imperfect

“Perfectly Imperfect” – This was the theme for my bride last Saturday, and it could have not turned out more to be more true!

The bride and I worked with Fig & Flower here in Lubbock to design an incredibly beautiful outdoor ceremony, followed by a dreamy indoor reception. We had two different floral color schemes – one for the ceremony and one for the reception. It was everything our bride had dreamed of and beyond!

A couple of weeks before the wedding we started to watch the weather more closely, especially after significant rainfall in our area! Ten days before the wedding the forecast was still 100% rain. (Insert angry face Wedding Planner here.) We explored our options of tenting the ceremony area OR moving the entire event inside.

In the end we decided to move the entire event inside to ensure the best Wedding Day possible! Once we made that decision we had to completely rework much of the floral decor that was planned AND intermix two different color schemes. We had included a fair amount of florals and fairytale pumpkins outside, and we did not want to waste one bloom in the dreary weather. NOT an ideal situation and somewhat stressful, BUT we here at Eberley Brooks also LOVE a challenge so…


We met with Fig & Flower and went over option after option after option. We redesigned the floral installation on the stage where our bride and groom would now marry, as well as the entryway, and other areas of the barn. By reallocating florals and decor we were able to give the bride THE flower wall she had dreamed of as well as some other amazing features.

It was a truly an imperfect situation, but it ended up producing (in my humble opinion) THE MOST PERFECT Wedding ever for this bride and her groom! EVERY detail was beautiful, and ALL of the florals were enjoyed by everyone the entire event. It was magical. We cannot stop looking at the pictures from the evening.

MY POINT: My takeaway for all of our brides with this story is to hire vendors you trust, and then trust in them to get it done and take care of you on your wedding day! Also, especially if you are planning an outdoor ceremony in Lubbock; be open to backup plans and needing to make changes if weather messes up the plans. Things will not always go exactly the way you plan them – surprise surprise – but when you hire people who are invested in your vision, your desires, and your most special day – they will work their hardest to make sure they can deliver the best day possible to you. To Whitney, Clayton and your families, thank you for putting your trust in us and choosing Eberley Brooks for your Wedding Day! To our friends at Fig & Flower, thank you for your incredibly hard work and dedication on this event! You all did an AMAZING job!!!