PJ’s Catering from the Heart

Tammi Angeley with Pj’s Catering, and her team are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

They cater to any of your needs for your event and make the yummiest food!

They go above and beyond for their clients and always do it with a smile on their face.

It is so evident that Tammi and her team genuinely love what they do. It’s not just a “job” for them, it’s a passion.

We are so blessed to have PJ’s Catering From The Heart as one of our Preferred Vendors!

We hope you get the chance to get to know them, whether they cater your future event or just become one of your new friends!

Tammi, thanks for taking the time to share your heart and your talents with us! We love you.



I was born in California on the naval base, so yes I am a huge fan of the military.  I moved back to Texas as a very small child and we made our home on the South Plains.

I lived and attended school most of my years in Post,Tx and Tahoka Tx.  Which in the 70’s was a long way down the road because I couldn’t call my friends that I had made when I moved because it was still long distance.

I went to college at Angelo State University where I majored in Home Economics.  I moved back to Lubbock in 1991 where I met and married my husband, Michael Angeley and we became one.

Michael is my partner in crime.  I could make so many of the things I do work if I didn’t have his support.

We have 2 children, Kenzie, she is a full time dental hygienist and works for us in her off time and Kohl that works full time and helps us in his spare time.

We have 1 grandchild that  we haven’t trained yet but soon will have him on board!


I grew up on a farm where growing and canning your own vegetables was a way of life.

My grandmother taught me most of what I know about “homestyle cooking” where school taught me the finesse of putting it on the table.

I knew after getting out of school I wanted to cook but was unsure of where to start so I found myself working in the medical field until I realized how I wasn’t putting the talents to work I was gifted.

So, I purchased PJ’s Bakery and Deli and went to work.

I soon realized I loved the catering more than the restaurant so I took a chance and went straight catering.

I completely let faith take control and went with it!


What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Caterer? 

I honestly think my favorite thing about my job is the friends I make through work.
I have met and had the opportunity to work for some incredible brides, musicians, and  every day hard working people that I have bonded with over time cooking for them.
I feel like my customers are family so that’s how they are treated.
I give each customer the exact same attention whether big or small they are all equally important to me.
What Is Your Favorite Thing To Make? 
We cater so many different things and they all have their advantages and I like them all, but being raised on the farm my very most popular and favorite thing to cater is our homemade Chicken Fried Steak.  We live in West Texas and most everyone appreciates a good ole homemade CFS.
What I like to prepare for the family and at home is Chicken and Dumplings.
Now, you won’t typically catch me eating chicken.  It just isn’t my favorite food to eat, but “DUMPLINGS”  YES!  I love them and so does the family.
Tell Me Something Interesting… 
Something most people would never guess about me is as a young girl, “daddy’s girl” he wanted me to be a “tough” girl so he thought having me
ride small steers at the Friday and Saturday night Buck Outs (Rodeos) would toughen me up.
So, yes I many pictures of me riding these “baby” bulls.
Crazy dad….
What Do You Like To Do In Your Free-time? 
In my free time, I love that grandbaby, I still do cooking, & I love to sit on the back porch and watch the birds come to the feeders and read interesting material.
If You Weren’t A Caterer, What Would You Be Doing? 
I honestly can’t see myself being anything but a caterer, but if I had been blessed with the talent I would love to sound good singing without the radio.
As of now, Keep the Radio UP!
My favorite drink…  All day long is Unsweet Tea  no sugar, no lemons, just plain unsweet tea
My favorite restaurant is anywhere I do not have to be the cook for one evening.  I like many different types of food so I’m easy on restaurants.
Hands down my favorite Holiday is Christmas.
I love everything about the feeling of Jesus surrounding us.  The music is calming, the weather is snuggly, the food is soulful, and the spirit at home is so joyful.
PJ’s catered and bartended my own personal wedding this past May and CRUSHED it.
I had a brunch wedding and I had several special requests for my menu.
They met all of my needs and even included a SYRUP FOUNTAIN!! It was the perfect touch.
They exceeded all my expectations and I know they will exceed yours.
Contact us to book PJ’s for your next event here at EBE!
xoxo, Hannah