Shawn Pena- Platinum DJ

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Shawn for a few years now!

I met Shawn at the first wedding venue I worked at. However, ever since I started here at EBE,

I have had the opportunity to get to know Shawn even more!

He is such a genuine person who loves what he does & is so talented too.

He listens to the couple’s wants & needs, and makes sure that their wedding day is everything they hoped & prayed for.

Shawn, thank you for being one of our Preferred Vendors.

We are so thankful we get to work along side you!


Tell me about yourself!

I grew up in Lubbock & I am married to a wonderful woman who is way out of my league.

She is teacher at Nat Williams Elementary  School.

We have 3 children Dylan, Zoey, and Kolt.


How did you get started? 

I got started 19 years ago when I was bartending at a restaurant and became friends with a musician.

 We started DJing on the weekends to make some extra cash and have a good time.


Suzy Taylor Photograhy


Why did you start this career path? 

I started specializing in weddings when I realized I could provide for my family and have a business that made a positive impact on peoples lives.


What is your favorite thing about your job? 

There is nothing like the energy that comes from a wedding.  You can feel the love, hope, and excitement that surrounds a wedding.
 Knowing that I am a part of a couples beginning is not only exciting but fulfilling.
 It is a day that they won’t forget and I was there to help make it memorable.

What set’s you apart from others? 

 A wedding is a celebration of unity between couple, so i try to keep the energy up and exciting.

I alway make it about the bride and groom.

 I go that extra mile to make them feel special and make sure it is the wedding they envisioned.


Suzy Taylor Photogrpahy



What is something interesting about yourself that most people don’t know about? 

People are amazed that I do yoga on a regular basis.
 Being a heavy guy, people are in disbelief that is something I do at least 3 times a week.
It is amazing for the body, mind, and soul.

What do you like to do on your free time? 

Every year i try to learn a new skill,  I started about 4 years ago.

 I started with gardening, then onto hunting, then wood work.

This year I am working with metal, teaching myself how to how to use a cutting torch and welding.


Suzy Taylor Photography


Favorite drink?

Nothing beats a cold beer,  I have become a beer snob and really dislike myself for it.

 I like a variety and enjoy trying new ones. And good whiskey is always appreciated.


Favorite restaurant? 

 That is tricky with me.
 I really enjoy staying home and cooking with the family, because its a family event!
Everybody helps and it brings us closer together.

Favorite type of music? 

Being a DJ, you have to enjoy all kinds of music.  And I honestly do.

But I have been a Bob Dylan fan for most of my life.  I never get tired of listening to his stuff.

Also the blues just hits the soul and rejuvenates it.


Favorite Holiday? 

Can’t choose, they all are fun and exciting for different reasons


There you have it folks!

Need a DJ for any of your upcoming events? Call Shawn!

xoxo, Hannah