The Gift

It is a well known tradition for the Bride and Groom to exchange gifts before the wedding ceremony. These gifts are meant to symbolize the love and commitment felt for each other in a quiet and more intimate way than during the ceremony in front of many guests.


Much like many of the wedding “traditions” these days, gift giving is completely optional and personal. While I don’t think it is 110% necessary, I would definitely recommend this as being a tradition to strongly consider. What a sweet moment it is to read a hand written sentiment from your soon-to-be spouse, followed by opening a special gift to treasure always.



In no way should this be stressful – it does not have to be expensive or extravagant. Simply a gift with some thoughtfulness, a little creativity, and a whole lot of love. There are also ways to make common or “normal” gifts super personal. For example, if there’s a sportcoat he’s been wanting, after you purchase it have the inside embroidered with a sentimental message. If it’s a piece of jewelry and there is room, have the wedding date engraved on the piece. Use a family heirloom jewelry piece that is currently residing in box and have it reworked into a pair of earrings or cufflinks. There are SO many ways to turn a simple gift into an extremely personal lifelong heirloom.



Tip: If you do choose to exchange gifts, discuss with your fiance whether you would prefer to have this moment in private, in front of your wedding party, together, etc. You’ll want to let your photographer know when this is happening.


Personal Aside: My husband Matt and I exchanged custom made cuffs with “our” brand, and personal inscriptions. Matt took turquoise this time, and I opted for the 14k gold. We chose our super talented friends at Silver King to create these amazing treasures for us. You can find more of their work on their website https://www.silverkingusa.com or on Instagram at @silverkingusa.




Photography | Brandie Blodgett Mustian