Wedding Registry | What You Need

Pots and Pans

The secret to all things delicious is a good set of pots and pans. Find a non-stick surface set that has variety!

Silverware Set

You can never have enough silverware! This is an important item to have on your registry and will be a go-to item for your guests to purchase.

Towel and Washcloth Sets

Having a matching set of towels and washcloths is a great way to add a coziness to your bathroom. Choosing neutral colors is a smart choice.

Coffee Pot &/or Keurig 

This is a given. A day is not complete until that warm cup of coffee &/or tea. How exciting to wake up with your spouse and enjoy that yummy cup of Joe?


This item can sometimes go unnoticed… but it’s a great one to remember. Crockpot meals are so easy, affordable, and makes for a delicious dinner.

https://www.spendwithpennies.com/dr-pepper-pulled-pork-slow-cooker-recipe/  | One of my all time favorites!! So yummy!


Let’s be real… bedding is expensive. Register for durable bedding while you can! Whether you register for sheets, pillows, duvet comforter, a quilt, whatever it may be… it will be so appreciative. One less thing to purchase on your own.


A knife set will be put to use time and time again. It is a great way to take up some counter space and adds that extra “umph”.


A vacuum is an item that most couples forget about. Take my word for it… don’t! Let’s hope and pray that someone will invest in this for you. Vacuums are the best investment and will last almost a lifetime. Go ahead and register for a durable one. Not one that will fall apart after only a few uses.


Extra Tips to Consider:

Write ‘Thank You’ cards as soon as possible.

Make a list of who bought what and thank your guest immediately after the wedding festivities die down. It is important to acknowledge the ones who have invested into you and your partner’s new beginning.


Include your future spouse in your decision on what you want and don’t want on your registry. 

As easy as it is to go scan all things cute and farmhouse themed, keep your spouse in mind. Your home will be his home. Find the colors, decor, and other items that fit both of your wants & needs. Leave a little wiggle room for whiskey glasses, a tool set, and BBQ tool set.


Don’t fret if you didn’t receive everything you registered for. 

It is very likely that you will not receive every single item on your registry. That’s why it is important to prioritize the items that you absolutely do need. However, be thankful for what you did receive. Find gratitude in small things… like that cook book that your long lost neighbor gave you. Who knows.. maybe you’ll discover a new favorite dish.

Choose thanksgiving.


Don’t hesitate to return/exchange items

That’s the beauty of wedding gifts… you’re not obligated to keep what you don’t enjoy and can go exchange it for something that will fit more of your desire.



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